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"If I Jump, Will You?"

Hardy's Edge
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SLASH community for the fictional pairing of Jeff Hardy & Edge
SLASH community for the fictional pairing of Jeff Hardy/Edge, Jedam. I'm addicted to this pairing & the majority of the stuff I write is them. Both men are insanely gorgeous and they just fit to me & I adore this pairing. No matter if they're loving, sweet, rough, hate-filled, vengeful, however they can be done. No matter who tops or bottoms. They are the most versatile pairing in the world to me. Basically this is just for me to celebrate my OTP & share whatever I find on them; fics, pics, art, etc. This community is for Jedam. Matt may or may not pop up & create Hardedge, but here Jeff belongs to Edge & Edge belongs to Jeff. They're sorta my fanfiction soulmates. (Just like my Rated-R Brat one, Imma just run this like a fansite. Hell, someone might find it one day & it may brighten their day & make them giggle)

In NO way am I implying (yeah, right) that these two are gay in real-life (but, gawd, that'd rule all) or are in a homosexual relationship w/ each other (I'd fucking die sweetly tho) or anyone else (nope, they belong to each other) I am aware of shit in real-life (no, I'm not. Those are lies, man) this is just for fantasy (fapping). I respect their real-life beliefs (and blah blah fucking blah) and sexual orientation (heh). But also, I am a slasher, I warned that this IS a slash community, so if that's not your thing & you're prone to take shit too seriously, beat it! I do NOT tolerate homophobia. & I will not tolerate snide remarks about who's doing what in real-life. This isn't a news site. I wish to have/report nothing on the real-life matters of Jeffrey Nero Hardy or Adam Joesph Copeland (Edge). Their personal business is none of mine. So, please keep all of that to yourself. I do not want anything on their real-life love-lives shared. (EDIT; With the exception of the Matt/Lita/Edge triangle. I wish to not bash any party involved, but it does come up. It slides under the radar with me, however, b/c it did make it's way into the world of wrestling & it's storylines. There was no escaping) & NO fucking rumors for either of them! No bashing & nothing biased. Seriously, I've had people blatantly spoil my fun b/c they were too obsessed w/ certain people's shit. Not cool. Also, you should know this has nothing to do w/ Jeff Hardy, Edge, WWE, TNA or anyone they should happen to know. I make no profit. This is run by a fangirl who staves off boredom by writing two incredibly hott men doing dirty things to each other while she drools at perverted looking wrestling pics. You should know. Yeah :P

Just having fun here & giggling. (P.S. The "If I Jump, Will You?" subtitle line comes from page 145 of Edge's book- Adam Copeland on Edge. It is something he said to Jeff before they all went to play in the snow. I just like it.)