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by ~jadecorrine

So nice, it was posted to BOTH here & ratedrbrat because it inspired smut!

Title; Rose Petals;
Author; Terrahfry
Rated; M/ L, S (bondage, some toy usage, fingering, fondling, anal, oral)
Set-up; "He likes to keep me bound and obedient. I like to make him make me behave.." Adam's POV.

I lay here on the bed. The sheets soft and wrinkled underneath me. He keeps me in little to nothing; a pair of black, silk thongs and fishnets. He likes me ready. I don't mind. It's unbearable enough waiting for his pants to come down when he's in the mood. He usually is. I don't mind. I wish he got more naked.. but that would take precious time.

I shift restlessly and sigh, my fingertips reaching up to my lips. He's late. I can tell. I can count the minutes since he's last been here. There's a chill in the air and I feel my nipples harden. Maybe he's turned on the air. I glance over to the door. It's still closed and it's not opening.

Huhm, fuck..

I move, getting stopped by the chain around my ankle. It's attached to a hinge on the floor. He doesn't trust me. I don't blame him. I've ran before. I'll run again. There's this passon in being chased and craved and I like to remind him of that.. He chained me up.

He likes to keep me bound and obedient.

I like to make him make me behave.

I hear a noise and raise up, my long blond hair falling down around my shoulders, grazing across my skin. But there's nothing there and I just lay back down.

I wait, using my hands to fan my hair out on the bed, my legs spreading and my hips arching. I know about his camera. I know he's watching. I want him to come in and play with me. I could play with myself.. that might get him quicker.. but I want him to come.

I should hate what we have.. but I can't help it.. He makes me feel so special.. Like I can feel rose petals fluttering down upon me. I crave him craving me. It makes me feel dirty and I like it. I feed off the attention like a sexual vampire.

Slowly I part my lips, letting a sexy little sigh escape them. I pout and turn my head into the sheets. I wonder if he's watching me right now.. waiting like I am..

The minutes pass and I've grown so bored. I'm damning him for making me wait like this.. I need it. He fucking knows it. I'm about to give in.. slide my hands down my body and take care of my needs myself. The thought of him watching me pleasure myself alone is making me harden so quickly and I feel the material of the thong straining.

A noise distracts me and the door is flung open and I sit up, hiding my erection with my hands. Jeff removes his coat as he stumbles over to the bed and all I can do is look up at him. He makes me hear music playing.. and I can see the petals.. falling down.. But I won't talk to him. He knows I won't. I just stare up at him. Not saying anything even as he lays a hand on my cheek. I lean into his hand, nuzzling it.

His emerald eyes are wide and tired. His blonde, blue and purple hair is fading and falling from his messy bun. That fucking fake spray tanner doesn't hide that he's haggard.. but he's still so beautiful and I can't help getting lost in him.

I feel his thumb tracing my lips, across the bottom then the top. I tease him by kissing it and he reacts like he wants to pull away. Why? He's never been coy with me. He wants it and he takes it and it works that way. Jeff's eyes scan me and I surprise him by sending my tongue out to lick his thumb before molding my lips around it. Sucking. Hell, maybe I can get him to force himself down my throat.

"You're such a slut.." He breathes.. his voice nearly cracks and he's got that early stage of arousal going that drives me crazy. Jeff pulls his hand away and reaches back to fist my hair, jerking my head back. I whimper sweetly and pout my lips subtly, batting my eyes.

Jeff gives a low growl before covering my lips with his own. He kisses me so hungrily. It's hard and possessive and I feel my cock throbbing painfully. He just holds me there as I whimper into his mouth. His free hand has found my crotch and he's rubbing me through my thongs. It only makes me hurt more. His hand is pulled away before I feel his fingers digging down inside the thong, pulling it away from my body before those fingers wiggle down and find my cock. I try to struggle away as I feel him fondling me, teasing me. I'm aching.. on fire and he's being a prick.

Jeff pulls back, panting for breath as am I. "Tell.. tell me what you want.."

When I say nothing, he shoves me down and groans in irritation.


It frustrates him that I won't talk to him or plead or beg. I wouldn't mind, but it amuses me. I want to see how far I can push him.

"Fine, Adam.." He says, dragging his fingers down my chest. "You won't say anything, I'll put your pretty little mouth to better use."

I close my lips as he unbuckles his belt and unfastens his jeans. He folds the sides over and the zipper cooperates in coming down and I just watch as he pushes them down, revealing that cock. He's half hard and that precious dab of precum glistens on the head in deliberate defiance. Jeff grabs my hair again and I give him a too slutty whine as he yanks me up. I feel him force past my lips and there's heaven as I taste him. He's holding my hair, thrusting in and out of my mouth as he moans. I can feel him stiffen up against my tongue until he's rock hard and ready.

"Fuck, Adam.." He bucks as I start to suck, my tongue massaging the underside of his cock. I surprise him a lot. "You're such a dirty whore.. You like sucking that dick... You look so pretty with it crammed down your throat.. That dick looks good in your mouth.. I'll show you the tapes sometime.. make you jerk off while you watch yourself be a whore.."

I'm probably flushing, but I just swallow around his width and gaze up at him. I even watch him as he lifts his shirt over his head, the definition in his toned body showing off so beautifully. He's truly gorgeous and tainted and I love it. But I'll never tell him that.

Jeff tugs my hair again and pulls out of my mouth, tapping his dick on my lips as I kiss and nibble at the head. He shoves me back down and I jerk on the foot that's chained.

"No, slut. I can't trust you." He says as he yanks the thong down my hips. It wraps around my ankle that's shackled.

I whine and look down. My cock is curling up against my abdomen, angry and in need. I want him to come play with it.

Jeff gets something from his coat and picks my free leg up by my ankle, sliding himself in between my legs and holding my leg away from my body before replacing it on his shoulder. I bite my lip, staring up at him.

"I'm gonna make you talk." Jeff nods, popping open the lid on the tube of lube he uses on me before squirting some out on his fingers.

He doesn't even rub it to make it warm, just touches the slick cold stuff to my pucker. He grins when I flinch but just presses against my opening till I feel them wiggle their way inside. I hold my breath, my chest heaving and my heart pounding. He's fucked me before. He likes to stick things inside me. He won't make me talk to him. I choke back that groan as I feel his fingers probing me, stretching me and moving around inside my body.

"C'mon, Adam.. tell me how it feels.. you want more..?"

I nod and close my eyes as his fingertips brush against my prostate. I do want more. I want harder. I want to be pounded into until I see stars.

Jeff takes his fingers away and he picks up another toy. A simple dildo. He rubs some lube over it before placing it at my entrance. I wince as he starts to push it inside me. Slowly. Making me feel it. Every inch. The latex hurts more than his cock. Especially slow like that. I grit my teeth, groaning. He shoves it all the way in and gets a yell. I cover my mouth and close my eyes. I won't give him satisfaction. I will make him work for it. And he'll never get it. He thinks he's in such control. He's wrong! He's wrong!

"Damn it, Adam! Move your hands!" I hear Jeff demand. I shake my head and he jerks the dildo out and crawls over top of me, grabbing my hands and holding them above my head. "Bitch.. you belong to me.. you do as I say.."

No! You're wrong! No!

Turning my head is not good and he growls louder. My cock is aching. I feel like I'm going to explode. The room is spinning. This is what I want. I want him to get rough with me. Jeff grabs me by the face and turns my head to him. His teeth are bared in pure angst and his brow is furrowed. The look on his face is that of.. pain.

"Damn it, Adam.. talk to me! Talk to me! Say my name!" There's almost a whine in his agitated voice. I jerk away from him and he slumps back between my legs, pushing his hair back. "You evil bitch.." Is all he mutters. "Fuck it."

I feel Jeff crawl back over top of me, his lips attacking my neck and his hand going between us to position his cock at my entrance. We both moan as he enters me, stretching me so fucking perfect. It's rough and hard and deep and I want more. This is what I fucking want! I arch my hips up as he starts to thrust, fucking me into the mattress just how I like it. Harder! Faster! Oh, god!

I fist the bed sheets, I don't touch him. But he touches me everywhere. I feel his hands exploring me, roaming up and down my body. His fingertips giving me chills. I feel his lips on my skin. His mouth. His teeth scraping my collar bone and his breath against my throat.

"That's it, slut.. take that dick.. you crave that cock inside you, fucking you like the whore you are.."

I shudder as I feel him take hold of me, jerking me so hard it hurts. It's painful and I love it. My body is on fire and I love it. I love him.

This realization makes me cum. For the hundreth time. And I see my stars.

Jeff soon follows and pulls out. He collapses on top of me, panting. I wish I could touch him. I wish I could say his name. It's not that easy for me. I'm poison and he's death and it just would be the end of everything.

I fall asleep like that. With him holding me.

The next morning, I'm surprised to find he's still beside me. He's asleep, his eyes are closed and he looks so peaceful. I smile and roll over to my side, reaching over timidly and letting my fingers run through his hair. "Jeff.." I sigh and he smiles.

I dunno if that sounded like Adam or not. I dunno what either of them's problems was. I'll leave it up to the reader. It was smut. Dammit, Rhi, why you inspire me at odd hours? LOL. Love ya, Babe. But holy fuck, the picture was a billion times hotter! Holy hell! Fucking gorgeous! I just got this in my head about an hour ago, I'll try to get it on FanFicDotNet later.. & I'll try to write something better for that pic. It's fucking inspiring!