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& since I was on the conspiracy, Jeff & Edge have never seemed to really have anything nasty to say about each other (Jeff telling him hated him aside- see 2 posts back) outside of the ring ;) But then, I have not read everything or do I know everything. & here's an interview from April 2nd, 2009 where Edge talks about the Super Spear to Jeff (may or may not be the right gif or moment) & Jeff being "an ideal opponent". Taker too, but eh.. this community isn't Taker/Edge centered.


"Question: Not only did you wrestle in the main event last year, but you did so against a legendary figure such as The Undertaker. Can you describe what that experience was like?

Amazing. He and I thankfully have very good chemistry together in the ring. I’ve always kind of likened it to Batman and The Joker or Green Goblin-Spiderman. It always just kind of worked, and I was always trying to think of different ways to counter his moves. And for him to counter my counter, and then me to counter his counter to my counter. It was really fun for me to try and figure out ways to do that. When I wrestle a big guy that can go, I think it ends up being my ideal opponent, although I consider a guy like Jeff Hardy an ideal opponent, too. I guess it’s just a matter of different styles and being able to click with a person. You never know if you’re going to or not until you get in there. That was our second singles match ever, at WrestleMania. We had one other singles match down in Chile, and with that I said, “I think we’ve got something here.” And from that point forward, I was really happy with everything we did. To be able to get in there with a guy like that and be happy with it, and to do it on the grandest stage, yeah, it’s pretty cool.

Question: You have certainly had your share of WrestleMania moments. Besides losing feeling in your arms last year, what moment stands out for you?

(Laughs). I have a few. The first time that Christian and I won the tag team championship, standing on that table at WrestleMania 16 was the culmination of a lot of work that him and I put in together, so to do that together was really my first special moment at a WrestleMania. So there’s that one. Even though we were wrestling over a shampoo endorsement, waking out at SkyDome to wrestle at the same place that I sat there 12 years earlier, that was really special. Spearing Jeff in Houston – the super spear I think it’s now been deemed – that was crazy, because who knew if it was going to work? My main concern was Jeff. Once we hit I was a little dizzy, so I can imagine how he felt. Just the relief after that and watching it back. What was really cool for me and made it very rewarding is that it looked like the entire audience bounced. I watched it back and we were like, “Look, look, they just bounced up in the air with it.” (laughs) It shocked them. The big one – and I guess the stupidest one – was the spear [on Mick Foley] through the flaming table."

Rest of article and interview found here -->

I will go back to some fun shit after this :P

(I am having such a hard time w/ the fucking LJ Cut!! Live Journal, stop changing shit as soon as i fucking learn it!!)