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& whether this is slashy or not, it's weird; There is no damn candid picture of Jeff & Adam together. They are together in group shots, but are always so far away. Not standing close. I have found a candid of Adam standing beside Shane Helms before, but never with Jeff. There are ones with Matt & Edge too. There isn't one shot of Jeff & Adam outside of  wrestling... Not even an older one! This is frustrating & odd. I'd love to have just one... besides well, you'll see...

Both so far from each other...

These were while they were working... do not count... but this is prolly as close as they've ever gotten outside the ring.

Photoshoots like this don't count.

Neither does inside the ring "huggles".

Or outside the ring... erm.. whatever this is..

or inside the ring "teaming"

No matter how good it is edited... Hey? Where'd everybody go..?

Backstage segments were Jeff is not impressed w/ Edge's bragging don't count.. but I liked it.

Didn't count back then either... (P.S. Matt & Christian are hiding back there..)

Promos in the ring where Jeff looks like he's gonna eat Edge don't count... But gawddamn, do I LOVE it!

This kinda counts. This is the most candid picture of them. But they were leaving something to do w/ the Troops. It kinda looks like they're trying to be sneaky & not get caught leaving together >.>

There is no candid pic of Jeff & Edge that I know of. Not even an older one in the golden days of E&C vs the Hardy Boyz before the Matt/Lita/Edge shit or nothing. I have found pics of Jeff w/ random wrestlers & Edge w/ random wrestlers (including Foley, Bret Hart, the Rock, etc) But there can't be one Jeff & Adam just hanging or posing together for a picture backstage or something? Not one? Did Matt fucking burn them all after 2005 or something?! Is there some reason Jeff & Adam can't take pictures together? >.> <.< Makes me wonder...

My opinions --> Always kinda speculated (w/ the last post in mind) that Matt really did wanna keep Jeff all to himself. Maybe Adam too. Adam was Matt's friend & maybe he didn't like Jeff & Adam getting close b/c he'd feel left out.. then when the thing with Lita went down, Matt didn't wanna lose Jeff too so he made Jeff chose sides with him. Jealous. *nods* But then, Matt could've always ran off & played w/ Jay :P Either way, the whole Jeff/Adam relationship is weird when looked at it from a real-life, or basically non-fucking-AU stand point.