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Cause I spent all night trying to find this. It was an original tweet by Alexx Raven on Twitter back July 7th, 2010. Contains stuff from the Matt/Lita/Edge triangle. This is not to bash or throw stones at anyone, & the opinions expressed are of my own. I claim no knowledge to what really happened. All I can go on are interviews, & a story that's been told over & over.

It went; "Wow! O_O An old 2005 Interview from Jeff about the Matt/Amy/Adam: "I don't know what took place," said Jeff. (cont) http://tl.gd/2c3nj8 "

That link went to for me ---> "Message does not exist. Either you've got a bad link or the poster has deleted the message. There's a good chance that the message is on the old server. We will be bringing the old messages across ASAP. If you want you can see if you can still read it on the old server."

It sez in full; "Wow! O_O An old 2005 Interview from Jeff about the Matt/Amy/Adam: "I don't know what took place," said Jeff. "Matt can get on your nerves. It's his way or no way.

"I was very surprised. One day, Matt came up here and played his messages. There was Adam telling Amy how much he loved her. Matt got me to call Adam. I got his voicemail and said. 'Hey, this is all screwed up. I hate you right now.'"

It amused me. It always amuses me to hear Jeff saying anything about Adam or vice versa. I know the situation was complicated. I've read in WWE Mag interviews w/ Jeff where he said he "called Adam up and told him I hated him" & I often used that in my work as a backdrop for Jedam, but I swear I often wondered why Jeff had any business too do so. Seems Matt made him...

In my opinion, the whole thing got out of control. Matt took things too far, the fans did, WWE did. No one knows the real whole story, so there's no need to pass judgment. I know Adam gets a lot of unnecessary hate for that whole deal & I didn't post this here because I want him to get more. No one has any idea what he was going through so they have no right to judge. I have respect for Matt, Lita, Jeff & Edge.Always did & always will. I never hated any of them for that shit. I think maybe everybody had their reasons. Adam was unhappy in his marriage, turned to Amy. Hell, she could have been unhappy too.. I think Jeff didn't wanna get caught up in it. Jay managed to remain friends with both Matt & Adam, but Jeff had to pick sides? I also think a lot of the kayfabe Lita/Edge stuff was majorly fabricated for the public more than it should have been. There are other real-life stories of betrayal & cheating that didn't get escalated that damn much. It's cute though that Jeff was confused by it. There was another interview where he made it sound like Matt wasn't telling him the whole story... who knows.. Either way, it's good fodder for this slash writer who loves writing Jedam. I have used in 'Sold to a Hardy', 'Cotton Candy', 'Ride', 'Point of View', & a lot more than I should have. It's a well writers like going to when it comes to Edge. I try to do so unbiasedly.. but others sometimes fail at this...

Like I said, the opinions are mine. I claim no knowledge to any truths; slash or real. If you want the whole story, maybe you should reseach it. There's a lot of variations to it that people don't know. I really do hate that some people when they think of Edge, all they seem to know about him is 'he stole Matt Hardy's girlfriend' & 'had live sex with Lita on national television'. Some of them really know nothing other than that or the whole story or nothing about Adam Copeland. Once again, my opinion.

One of my favorite ways this is looked at thru FanFiction is in chp 3 of Redsandman99's Passion, that chp is Jedam; www.fanfiction.net/s/5343626/1/Passion Author profile --> www.fanfiction.net/u/1499785/redsandman99 Chp 32 also has Jedam.

By the way, since all that Matt & Adam had seemed to put it behind them. Maybe it doesn't mean they're besties, but hell.. they can coexist... These were from a while ago, 2009ish, I think.


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Apr. 3rd, 2011 03:30 pm (UTC)
Hi.. I hope you don't mind, but I just stumbled upon youe LJ and this entry really hit upon something that has been bothering me for a while. I don't really know a ton about the whole Matt/Edge/Lita debacle. I mean, I know the jist of it and the whole backstory, but hey who doesn't, right?! I really don't know a ton about Adam outside of wrestling, so I have no right to make any comment about his behavior and what might or might not have happend. But I've become quite fascinated and at times slightly disturbed with the real life relationship between Matt and Jeff Hardy, and in particular Matt's influence over Jeff. I like how you stated that while Jay was able to maintain friendships with both parties, Jeff seemingly, had to choose. Could this have been because of Matt? Did Matt force Jeff to alienate his friends? I think yes.. From what I have gathered just over the things I have seen and read, I think Matt controls and manipulates Jeff far more than he should. I haven't really spent much time with Matt personally, but I have recently been able to spend a decent amount of time with Jeff. Enough to observe some of his behaviors and just his personality (soo not trying to sound like a creepy stalker by saying I'm observing or studying him or anything. lol, I just tend to pick up on peoples demeanors and attitudes when I'm around them.) Anyway, it just struck me somewhat odd to find out exactly how passive Jeff really is. I was able to watch certain people from TNA boss around Jeff and literally degrade and demean him, and for Jeff to passively follow their wishes. When Jeff tried to speak for himself or express to these people why he did not want to do what they said they spoke to him like he was a child (basically bullied him) and he did what they said. I was blown away by this. I mean this man is a wreslting superstar, he brings in so much money for their company, and above all, he's a grown man. It just seemed to me like this could be his dynamic with other people in his life, like Matt.. Who can easily boss or bully him into situations that he himself may not want to be part of... And of course, this is all simply my own opinion I have nothing to base this off of, other than what I've seen and interpretted. Anyway, I'm really sorry for rambling on like that, I just felt like I needed to share that.
Apr. 3rd, 2011 03:35 pm (UTC)
And I just want to clarify. By stating that, I'm not trying to say anything negative about Jeff or try and portray him as someone who is weak-minded, I just think that he has a very sweet and passive nature and that tends to get abused by the people around him. I have honestly never met such a sensitve and kind-hearted man in my life.
Apr. 7th, 2011 08:42 am (UTC)
Sorry, LJ has been an ass for me. No, I don't think it came off like you were trying to say anything negative about Jeff. Passive is a good way to put it. Jeff's always seemed like a very sweet natured guy and it's a shame that there are people who'd basically take advantage of that. He is TNA's star, he should get respected better than that. Ever since Alexx Raven posted that and I talked to her, I kind of wondered about Christian being able to stay out of it and maintain his peace with both Matt & Adam. He's still close friends with Adam & even today there seems to be zero bad blood between Jay & Matt. Jeff & Adam's situation just seemed odd to me. Like maybe they weren't allowed to be friends. *shrugs* Our conversations kinda made me wonder about Matt too, who I think in another interview I could not find that someone (it may have been Lita) called Matt a spin doctor who could twist things. Matt could have a very 'my way or else' personality. Thank you for sharing this tho, it was an interesting perspective.
Jul. 21st, 2011 05:50 am (UTC)
I just stumbled upon this post too while googling this whole mess (I was out of wrestling since 2001 and never knew about any of this--Edge, Christian, Lita and the Hardys were my favorite wrestlers so I was catching up)
...I came across this interview with Jeff Hardy from 2009 where he expresses his regrets over not getting to talk to Adam more about his side of things and voices his doubts about what really went on during the triangle, even talks about what he saw as some rather nasty treatment of Amy by Matt before everything was revealed.

He even said that he felt that Adam and Amy seemed to have more in common before anything took place and always got a vibe between them. I thought it was a very interesting revelation some 5 years later, in a 2009 interview where its likely Jeff felt enough time had passed, allowing him to discuss it.


Aaron Shoffner
Dec. 16th, 2013 06:17 am (UTC)
wow hardys edge you are completely a bitch. a person who thinks that having sexual affairs with one of the hardys behind their back in front of children, is okay becuase they are bored are delusional. matt should have tortured both of them (edge and lita), went to his heaven, and watch them both get rapped in hell, he had more right to point out what happened then anybody else
Dec. 16th, 2013 06:40 am (UTC)
Re: bitch
Wow, you are a stack of ignorant shit. I think you are bored & delusional. And children? What children? God, you can't even use grammar or punctuation right when insulting me. So, you think Matt should have tortured both Lita and Edge, and watched them both get raped in hell. And yet, /I'm/ the bitch? And it's 'raped', asshole, you spelled 'rapped'- as in a rap artist. Maybe Cena should rap them in hell with his old gimmick.. Oh wait, I think he did that..

No, I don't think Matt had any right. I think Matt is an attention whore. I think he turned out to be more desperate & delusional than either Edge or Lita. And regardless of what happened- because I'll point that you DON'T know the whole story at all!- I will never think Edge or Lita deserve the shit you think they deserve. I'm a bitch? Well, you are a cold-hearted asshole. Sad.
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