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Shower Scene & Mirrored Image- Towels

Title; Shower Scene
Author; Terrahfry
Rated; T/ L, (thoughts of nudity, Addy naked in the shower, naked Jay, hints at stalkage, hints at voyeurism, video camera usage)
Set-up; Jeff stole Matt's video camera & decided to stalk a tall hott leggy blonde in the locker room showers..
(also, Jeff's not even in the shower per se, but I used the pic anyway... Mirrored Image.. & it's not letting me LJ Cut it so I'm not. It's not bad)

Jeff looked the camera over as he made his way through the locker room. It belonged to his brother, Matt, and Jeff had stolen it because Matt had this nasty habit of stalking Shannon usually while one or the other, or both, were shit faced drunk and Shannon was half naked. Now, no matter how much Jeff loved his best friend, he had simply seen enough of Shanny in his underwear for this lifetime.. or at least this week.

Jeff aimed the video camera in front of himself, rounding the corner of the room. Being met by a light steam from the shower area. The sound of the water splattering on the tiled floor drowning out most of the noise he was making. The younger Hardy smirked, pointing the camera low at a pair of long legs and slowly moving it up, making a silent 'ooh' motion with his lips as he focused the lens on the perfect round backside that those legs belonged to. Their hips swaying absent-mindedly as water ran down them.

Jeff tilted the camera up further admiring the muscle definition in the back and arms of the tall lanky person underneath the cascading water, their arms bent at the elbows as they raked their fingers through their long blond hair. A low groan resonating from the person, making Jeff twitch and resist the urge to reach down and rub himself through his jeans. Jeff panted as he watched the tall blonde shake their hair out, the water running down their back and shoulders all the way down that firm fuckable rear end and those very gorgeous and spreadable legs.

Adam turned off the water and shook off his hands before turning around, yelping out in surprise as he saw the video camera aimed at his.. well, nakedness.. His heart pounding hard in his chest at being startled.

"Jeff! Do you mind?" He squeaked out, covering himself up.

"Hey-Hey, Addy.. uhm, damn.." Jeff stuck his tongue out, helping the camera scan up and down Adam's body as the blonde flushed, admiring what he saw. "Such a sweet thing you are.. Uhm.. Nice little ass.. Fuck, I wanna tap that.. Purdy legs.. that spread so well."

"Jeff, please.. turn that thing off!" Adam pleaded, hunching down and holding both arms in front of his manhood the best he could. He didn't think he could be more uncomfortable right now if he tried.

"You want it turned off, Addy..? Why'cha come make me turn it off.." Jeff teased, taking a step back and zooming the lens in on Adam's concealed vital area. "Better yet.. Mister Live Smex Celebration.." The younger Hardy giggled madly.

Adam let out a sighed groan. Jeff knew that was just a fucking staged segment for TV. It wasn't real, and Adam wasn't as much of an exhibitionist as his on-air persona Edge was.

"Why'cha move those hands and gimme a little show.. Stroke that cock for me and show me the sweet little whore you can be." Jeff suggested, clicking his tongue annoyingly. He loved how apprehensive the blonde looked as he took in Adam's wet skin, the little drops of water that slid down his body from his dripping hair.

"Jeff?" Adam warned through clinched teeth. Jeff was staring at him like a piece of meat.. and worse, Jeff was staring at him like a piece of meat through a fucking video camera.

"Oh, come on. You ain't gotz nothing I ain't seen before.. That I ain't played with before... What's the difference in doing it in front of this so I can go back and watch it over and over again when you're being a prude?" Jeff feigned a pout.

Jay Reso came in beside Jeff and capped the lid over the camera lens. "Because Matt might get a hold of it and it'll end up on the internet." The shorter haired blonde answered, holding to the towel that was wrapped around his waist.

Jeff slouched. "Dammut, Jay-Jay, spoil my fun."

"Just like you spoil mah Addy." Jay smirked knowingly. Jay knew they all at one point or another had spoiled Addy. Him, Jeff, Matt and Chris.

Jeff huffed and jerked Jay's towel from his waist, twirling it lose before wrapping it around Adam. "You're no fun."

Jay put his hand on his now naked hip. "Well." He sighed over-dramatically, flipping invisible long hair behind his shoulder with his hand in a prissy manner. "Good day to you, sir."

Jeff giggled as he lead Adam out of the showers. "Come, Addy.. I has Matty's camera all night. We go plays with it."

Adam sighed and let himself be lead out. He had a feeling by night's end he'd be putting on a 'private' sex celebration for Jeff one way or another.


It's one of my ultimate fantasies; Edge in a shower. Esp if Jeff's in there w/ him :P Originally posted on FanFictionDotNet. Found here, chp 7 --->